Amber Golding

Amber Golding

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Amber’s classes invite you to listen, breath and move as the body wants, in order to create a story on the mat. Perhaps you will bring your story to the mat or play with something new.

Amber’s yoga is influenced by many fantastic yoga and philosophy teachers from across the world and includes hints of Scaravelli, a good helping of Hatha and a sprinkling of Buddhist philosophy. She feels very fortunate to have met her teachers and to have the practice of yoga strongly woven into her life.

Amber has been practising yoga for over half of her years and teaching almost as long. She enjoys learning new things every time she tunes in. She hopes to be able to share and hold space for you to use yogic practice as a tool to use both on the mat and in day-to-day life.

Her classes have a focus on finding resilience in our ever-changing world. You will be encouraged to work with strength to stabilise and softness to aid mobility.

In class you can bring your awareness inward, tune in with your body, your breath and your mind in order to practice how that engagement feels when taken forward into your day-to-day life. You can expect, moving, wriggling, flowing, stillness, breath focus and space to play.

Amber has completed a 500hour+ teaching diploma in hatha yoga and engages with CPD on an ongoing basis.


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