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Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday You are welcome  from 2.00 pm 
Opening Ceremoni 05.30 pm
Friday 07.30 pm – 00.00 pm
Saturday 07.30 pm – 00.00 pm
Sunday 07.30 pm – 06.00 pm
Find Your way to Nytorp kursgård


By Car: Nytorp 201, 284 91 Perstorp, Skåne, Sweden

By Train: Perstorp Station, Send a message with Your arrival time, we will send somone to pick You up.

By Foot: about 3 km walking from train station, send a message and we will try to send someone to pick You up.

English and Swedish

No You don’t have to be nude, Some workshops may have optional nudity

During the opening ceremony, we create sharing groups where a few of you will meet a couple of times during the festival to share your experiences.

A sharing group is a group of people who come together to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and insights in a safe and supportive environment. The purpose of a sharing group is often to promote personal growth, improve communication skills, and build community through open and honest dialogue. Participants are encouraged to listen actively and show empathy for each other, which can lead to deeper understanding and stronger relationships within the group.

You are welcome whether you are single or wanting to interact and explore with others or a couple wishing to deepen your intimacy, the festival is the perfect place to visit!

Your ticket includes 3 meals a day with organic vegan food by our chef Liga Appelgren and there will be Tea, Coffe and snacks.


We do not make repurchases. If necessary, it is possible to sell tickets to someone else and at the Tantric Summer Festival Event on Facebook.

We do not refund any tickets for this festival but you are welcome to sell Your tickets to someone else and at the Tantric Summer Festival Event on Facebook.
If the festival gets cancelled you can choose to keep your ticket for the next festival or get your money back (minus our service fee, approximately 5%).
There will be a limited time of 30 days for the repurchase period.
What you need to bring with you:
  • Dinner plate, Mug, Water bottle, Cutlery
  • Tent, Caravan etc. (It is possible to sleep in the workshops tents), sleeping bag, towel etc.
  • Yoga mat, pillow, blanket to have in the workshop rooms.
  • Sunprotection, Caps or something to protect Your head
  • Clothes according to the weather, we have ordered sunshine
  • And a loving mindset
During the festival, there will be plenty of space for you. We will have several parallel workshops in Tantra, mindfulness, shamanic sessions etc. We have 3 large tents in the area 2 large out in the pasture where everyone can fit and a tent for groups of 40 people, in addition there are 1 workshop rooms indoors for smaller groups and hang spaces for you who just want to chill for a while. A stage for our musicians and DJs will be built on the farm where we also hold welcome and information meetings etc. Our food team will do their best to create wonderful vegan meals for you to enjoy well-cooked meals and coffee, tea and snacks etc. The sauna will of course be warm and comfortable during the festival evenings, showers are on site as well as several toilets and also a disabled toilet. One of the workshop tents will be available to sleep in (You have to move Your personal belongins during daytime) if you do not have your own tent with you.
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