Anna Caballero

Anna Caballero

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Who is Anna? Anna works as a transformative coach. She has a background as a social worker and has worked as a life coach, both individually and in groups, for over 20 years.


Her life’s mission is to guide people to open their hearts and from there live a more life-affirming life, finding the tools to become the best version of themselves.


She helps people connect the mind/head with the body and emotions using techniques such as sound and vibrations (drumming, singing bowls, gongs, etc.), coaching, NLP, MI, Mindfulness, Tantra, healing (Reiki, frequency healing, crystals, etc.), and a solution-focused approach.


She also manufactures crystal jewelry (bracelets, lingam rings/cock rings, earrings) with the purpose of letting the crystals support the body in whatever process it is currently in. These will be available during the festival.


Anna regularly holds drum journeys/sound journeys where she invites you to a journey within yourself. With the help of the sound and vibrations from drums and singing bowls, you will be guided into gentle relaxation.


This is just for YOU, an opportunity to be in your own space and settle into the body.


Feel free to join her Facebook group, ”I WANT, I CAN – I LOVE my life!” Facebook/Messenger: Anna Caballero.


Day 1, Jun 13

Day 3, Jun 15

Meetings in the heart


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