Carl Johan Rehbinder

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"Playfulness – the most efficient way to getting really serious"

Calle Rehbinder have held more than 400 workshops & courses in the subjects of love, sex, tantra, intimacy, communication and personal growth since 2003 – in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France & Brazil, from big festivals to luxurious tantra workshops in French chateaus.

Calle has a vast experience inspiring people to more love, ecstasy and better relationships. His speciality is creating Magic Rooms, wherein the participants can feel safe to explore themselves and each other – always on their own terms, by their own initiative and with consent.
Playfulness is a basic pedagogic principle, and many participants will testify to how much fun they had – and at the same time experiencing profound growth and development.
Since 24 years back, Calle also runs Cirkus Eros – an erotic website with articles, short stories, image galleries, reviews, workshop information – and more.


The Art of Saying NO!

Different ways of establishing and communicating boundries

It’s hard to communicate your boundries, when you are not clear on where they are.

Through different ways of communicating – words, sounds, defensive physical action, offensive physical action, and feeling into the Yes and the No, we explore how to actually feel and establish our own boundries – and how to feel into other people’s boundries. How to be more preceptive and responsive for both your own and other’s boundries.

TANTRALILA – Playful Tantra

Playful Tantra
Play – the most efficient way to become present in your life

Playfulness is NOT the opposite of seriousness. We claim it’s the other way around. Play can be the most efficient way to go really, really deep into the most serious realms of life. Laughter and play loosens up emotional resistance, erases pretentiousness and competition – and opens you up for new impressions, new insights. Have a taste of a playful and easy-going, but still deep, intense and empowering path to personal development and growth, on all levels.

Tantra-lila is sanskrit, and means literally Playful Tantra – a term we made up (yes, we googled it…) and this short workshop is a dynamic introduction to our version of tantra. You will get to try out several playful games and exercises, which are in fact excellent tools for self-realization and deeply heart-felt encounters with others in the group. We play with breath, touch, energy movements in the body, visualization, sharpening of the senses – and more.

Everyone who is interested in tantra are welcome. Or actually, anyone interested in… living a better, more vibrant life. We invite both singles and couples, people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and other variations. It’s practical to have flexible and durable clothes – we will move around a lot.


Day 1, Jun 13

Day 2, Jun 14

The art of saying NO!

TANTRALILA Playful Tantra

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