Charlotte Norell

Charlotte Norell

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Yes, we have more to come ❤

Let us introduce Charlotte Norell – an inspirational facilitator and is a passionate catalyst in the field of awakening, self-healing, embodiment and human potential. She is a world traveler, creating and holding sacred space, women’s retreats, love relationship trainings, dance therapy gatherings and private sessions for over 30 years. She is educated as a physiotherapist, trauma healer, sex and relationship coach specialized in co-dependency, dance therapist, meditation teacher and is a devoted tantra practitioner.

Alchemy of Love – Celebrating Life

A night to remember! Come dressed up in a way that expresses your unique essence/flavor, whatever that means to you. The evening will contain a mix of practices to support your heart to bloom, to heighten your frequency, allowing your light to shine and in interacting with others lifting each other, creating a massive container for love to heal, transform and becoming more whole.

Keep the fire burning 

How to kindle and nurture your inner fire – your Life force through energy work, breath, movement and specific activation meditations from the world of quantum physics.


Day 3, Jun 15

Day 4, Jun 16

Alchemy of Love-Celebrating Life

Keep the fire burning

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