Gunilla B Janmark

Gunilla Janmark

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We are happy to introduce Gunilla Janmark as a workshop leader 🎉

Awaken joy, experience community, and express yourself with others – put life at the center!

Come and experience Biodanza – the Dance of Life, created by Rolando Toro in the 1960s in Chile. With the help of music, our movements, and in interaction with yourself and the group, your joy will be awakened and a sense of community and belonging will be experienced.

Rolando Toro wanted people to see each other and to put life at the center. He created a movement that today, 100 years after his birth, spreads across the world and brings people together in meetings through music and movement. Gunilla is Sweden’s first Swedish Biodanza facilitator. She has been spreading Biodanza for over 10 years.

Gunilla is also trained in MER, Myofascial Energetic Release, where the fascia (connective tissue) is processed on a deep level. The treatment releases tensions and creates circulation so that pain can be alleviated. Let the body return to a natural state, take the opportunity and book a body treatment with Gunilla.


Gunilla is driven by liberating our life force. Coaching, communication (Nonviolent communication), Biodanza, and MER are her primary tools. You can read more on her website: www.frigö


Day 2, Jun 14

Day 4, Jun 16



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