Manora Nyström

Manora Nyström

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She will facilitate three workshops at the festival.

Manora use to facilitate workshops at Ängsbacka and coordinate emotional support.
You can still come to her workshops at Göteborgs Tantrafestival.
Today Manora is focusing on her work as a tantra therapist and gives trauma
treatment both to individual, groups and families. She also helps couple with
communication and intimacy issues.
Manora have courses in tantric lifestyle for beginners, healing thru pleasure and Self-
Love and Bodyhealing evenings in Stockholm.
Her intention is to heal people’s hearts. She uses her degree in social science and
knowledge as a social worker and tantra therapist, to support clients to heal from old
trauma and find their path in life. Manora has helped people for about 25 years
including (among other things), dependency – and codependency issues, suicide
prevention, physical/emotional – and sexual abuse, as well as children and youth
with self-injurious behavior.

1. How to get the most out of the festival

for beginners. practical and dialouge 

Together we will learn how to apply wheel of consent in real situations. I will introduce you in tantra culture, communication and guide you so you can get the most out of the festival.

2. Healing through pleassure 

4 hours workshop with Manora and Rune 

(3 chilli, sexuel energy, touch, nude advances wheel of consent)

A workshop where you can wish for your desire and heal from old emotional trauma
that is stuck in your body memory. Learn how to use your – and to hold somebodies
sexual energy with purpose to heal. 
To wish for your desire, to actually change a path and get rid of your shadows can be
challenging. It can also show a courage you never thought you had in you and that
power is beautiful. 
So we dare you to come to our workshop and find out what you wish for and how you can help somebody else to for fill their wish. Let the healing begin. 
This workshop is genderfluid and for you who want to meet heart to heart on a
deeper level.

3. Care for your triggers and keep the spirit from the festival

Together we will listen to your journey this weekend and find out how to keep the tantric lifestyle at home. If any trauma is awakened this is the time to take care of that before heading home. 


Day 1, Jun 13

Day 3, Jun 15 with Rune

How to get the most out of the festival

Healing through pleassure

Day 4, Jun 16


Care for your triggers and keep the spirit from the festival


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