Martina Stål

Martina Stål

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Martina Stål is a compassionate Trauma Therapist & Healing Facilitator with a profound understanding of attachment trauma. Her journey into the world of Tantra was inspired by a deep desire to help individuals reconnect with their authentic selves and heal from past wounds. Martina helps you rediscover the joy of authentic connections, embrace your sexuality, and harness the transformative potential of your life force energy.

Martina’s expertise lies in four interconnected realms:

Attachment Trauma: Drawing from her extensive knowledge of attachment theory and embodied trauma, Martina specializes in addressing and healing attachment wounds. She guides individuals and couples on a journey of self-awareness and emotional healing, helping them create healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Emotional Awareness: Explore the depths of your emotions, learning to identify and express them healthily. Martina will guide you in releasing and healing embodied trauma, promoting a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Sexual Intimacy: Martina offers a safe and sacred space for exploring sexual intimacy within the context of Tantra. She has a deep knowledge in healing sexual truma and abuse.

Life Force Energy: Martina’s teachings encompass the concept of life force energy, exploring how it can be harnessed and channeled for personal and spiritual growth. She guides individuals in unlocking their life force energy to experience vitality and fulfillment.

Martina offers free consultations at Bokadirekt.

She will facilitate three workshops at the festival.


Attachment and tantriskt relating Workshop

Martina Stål invites you on a transformative journey into the heart of love, lust, and trust within the realm of Tantra.

This lecture explores the intricate interplay between attachment styles and our capacity for deep, tantric connections.

Gain insights into your own attachment style and how it influences your relationships and desires. Discover how Tantra can be a powerful tool for healing and deepening your capacity for love, intimacy, and trust.

Martina offers guidance on embracing embodied sexuality as a natural and sacred aspect of our being, promoting a deeper connection with ourselves and our partners.

Experience guided Tantra practices and meditations that promote emotional awareness, embodied sexuality, and a deeper connection with your inner self and others.

This lecture is based on attachment research, emotion theory, many years of tantric exploration and Martinas work as a trauma therapist.

Conscious Speed Dejting

Are you seeking meaningful connections in a fast-paced world?

Come and enjoy a juicy, playful workshop there you meet potential partners or friends in deep tantric presence. Martina emphasizes radical self-expression, curiosity, and an open heart.

Authentic Connection: In this workshop, you’ll engage in a series of speed dates with fellow participants. Martina will guide you in mindful connection practices that encourage deep and authentic interactions.

Embracing Vulnerability: You’ll learn to embrace vulnerability as a pathway to genuine connections. Martina will offer tools to help you express your true self and listen deeply to others.

This is a place to make deeper connections with yourself and others in a loving safe way.

Love and Anger – learn to love and stand up for yourself.

Welcome to an intensive and exciting workshop on how increasing your self-love gives you the courage, strength, and will to stand up for yourself.

We start from the understanding that our innermost essence is love. Love for others but also for yourself. When you recognize your own inner value as love, it becomes easier to set loving boundaries with others. Boundaries that feel true to you and can be accepted by others. No one should cross your boundaries anymore. You deserve to stand up for yourself and sense what is right and wrong for you.

We learn to feel, regulate, and express anger. We discuss how you have learned to handle anger and how you would like to be able to express anger. We open up to the power that comes with anger. The energy within us that may have been blocked and has made us feel powerless or even depressed. Exploding anger can indicate old, unhealed traumas.

In contact with power and love, you can change your life.


Day 1, Jun 13

Day 2, Jun 14

Conscious Speed Dejting

Love and Anger - learn to love and stand up for yourself.

Day 3, Jun 15


Attachment and tantriskt relating Workshop


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