Rune Koch
mobil: 0045 29727932
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Alchemy of the heart

Fuelled by ancient sacred sounds, mantras and movements to open the body, this workshop is an exploration of the energetics behind sacred union.

Active movement meditations with mantras that open up the heart chakra and the body’s deeper senses.

The ability to connect with yourself or a partner from an open heart lies at the core of divine lovemaking and tantric alchemy.

To surrender to a space where sacred union is even possible we must first awaken the senses, come into the body temple and open the heart.

In this workshop, you are invited to experience the power of ancient vibrations to do so, in an intimate, gentle and fun way.

A perfect way to set your self up to beautiful encounters with the rest of the festival. 

No nudity, lot of pure love energy J

Portal to Orgasmic Flow

In this sacred experience you are invited to melt the mind into the heart – and surrender to the orgasmic flow of sacred union between body and soul.

Fuelled by the breath of life, you are guided to explore and unleash the feminine and masculine energy into a full body orgasmic state of being.

This somatic encounter with your own orgasmic potential, opens your energetic body, anchor its inherent wisdom to your breath – all in order to increase the inner space for pleasure and integration of all of your being in a sacred union within.

Nudity allowed, sexual energy definitely J


Rune has dedicated his life to unlock and embody still higher levels of truth, joy and love, embracing vulnerabilities and shadows along the way. 

With a deep compassion and caring, he is devoted, to support people developing access to their inner compass and guidance.

His work and way of being inspires others on their journey, helping them unravel the patterns, blocks and stories that are holding them back from releasing their full light and fire unto their life.

Along his strong presence, Rune’s work bridges a solid spectrum of  – shamanic traditions (plants, trance, gong),
- devotional tantra, conscious relating – somatic practices (breathwork, de-armoring, intuitive movement) – circling and men’s work, altogether a powerful toolbox.

In a workshop with Rune, you get to experience his child-like curiosity and playfulness balanced by embodied wisdom from deep life experiences and the benefits that affects everyone around him invoking hope, joy, reflection and gratefulness.

Contact info:

mobil: 0045 29727932


Day 2, Jun 14

Day 2, Jun 14

Alchemy of the heart

Portal to Orgasmic Flow

Day 3, Jun 15 with Manora


Heling through pleassure


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